Bachelor Of Digital Media

You'll learn a comprehensive set of abilities to grasp customers, body problems and articulate solutions with design methods, instruments and thoughts. Set initiatives will introduce you to basic hand, machine & digital processes that are used for making objects across a variety of supplies, and provide an opportunity for you to explore, investigate and creatively reply to your discoveries regarding differing material qualities.

Tasks in the first yr inspire students to ‘break the foundations' and go wild in the workshops, familiarising themselves with as many strategies as possible and deciding the place they wish to achieve a deeper understanding.

A younger Indonesian designer, Gladys' brilliant array of merchandise and interior show are testament of her design sensibility and exquisite craftsmanship of the local artisans.

When you like exploring ideas, and creating desirable objects, then the Designer Maker course may suit you. A lot of our graduates have arrange their very own workshops, or are working with main design studios and manufacturers.

Mr. $2000

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