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In the event you could get your hands on a 3D printer, what would YOU make, #GenXYZ? Jitrin is a gifted jewellery designer based mostly in Thailand, and in addition the founder as well as artistic director of his own jewellery brand, Noon Studio, which he established in 2013.

He is extremely obsessed with design in the subject of product and packaging, and after graduating from KMIT'L in 2012, he took on his first stint as a product designer at QUALY.

Like an writer of literature, a designer must clearly perceive her topic and let a robust idea drive the type of her work - carefully aligning form and idea to give the work a human voice.

This focus builds on Cranbrook's legacy of instructing design - from Charles Eames within the 1930's to Michael and Katherine McCoy within the 1980's - but in addition fully updates the discussion to replicate the complexities of at present's context.

Through a process of questioning, making and discussing, our graduates develop a broad essential framework for evaluating design, and the cultural maturity and creative vision required to lead the emerging design professions.

The course supports new ideas round possible outcomes of design pondering, supporting college students with common talks from visiting practitioners throughout many artistic disciplines.

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